How kind are we?  How kind are we to the sales clerk, the garbage men, the saleman at the door?  We maybe the only Christian they will meet that day.  How do we measure up?  Can they tell by our kind words and actions that we are Christians? 
    Sometimes when we think no one knows us, we feel we don't have to be quite as "spiritual."  But we must remember that our actions are bing watched every day. 
    How kind are we when a car stalls in front of us?  Do we honk impatiently?  Do we pull out and around the frustrated driver with a "Why don't you learn how to drive?" look.  Or do we give him a smile that says, "I'm sorry you are having trouble," and then pray that the Lord will help him get the car started.  When it is raining and you are taking your child to school, call and offer to take the neighbor's child to school, also.
    We live in such a fast pace today that we aren't taking the time to be kind.  I heard a pastor's wife who said that in their church, people were so busy going to meetings and listening to tapes, it was hard to find anyone who would take food to the sick, to the person with a new baby, or to the family who was bereaved.
   Everyone wants, needs, craves kindness - in words and deeds.  Everything we do should be done in kindness - reprimanding a child or student, correcting an employee.  As the song says, "...a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down..."  The world's starving for kindness.  Let it begin in us.
Taken from: Fruit of the Spirit
                  by Betty Stevens Tapscott
                  Hunter Books
                  1602 Townhurst, Houston, Texas  77043
                   Copyright 1978
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