The Beauty of Holiness: Part 2
Sandy Brunson
May 28, 2009

It seems next to impossible to begin an honest train of thought about the Biblical concept of holiness in this modern day, media dominated, diabolical world where self is elevated to the place of deity, and "doing what is right in one's own eyes" is the mantra of the masses. In  America, this deified self is crowned with the personal ability to freely express itself in any imaginable way, and it is granted that right by the "power" of the First Amendment.

In today's "politically correct" society, to require of anyone much personal responsibility for their behavior is almost unthinkable; for the breakdown of any standards of decency, integrity, and honor is a popular practice in all the arts from music to literature to paintings to television and movies and now the cyber expressions on the internet. This world is inundated with images of sex, perversion, corruption, deception, abuse, violence, criminality, and wickedness. Much of this feeds and supports the popular religion of hedonism - the doctrine that pleasure, or happiness, is the highest good. This simply is devotion to pleasure and self-gratification as a way of life; and it is the antithesis of God's plan for us.

So with this backdrop of gross darkness, I dare to write here about a diametrical idea - the beauty of holiness - which springs forth from the heart of our Almighty Sovereign Holy God, the Creator of the universe, who from the beginning had a very different purpose and plan for mankind on this earth.

Holiness...what is it? A term common to Jews and Christians alike, yet too often its meaning appears to be somewhat nebulous in the minds of many today. The Hebrew word  holiness is "kadosh", which comes from the word that means "separate". That which is holy is "separate" from that which is not. To speak of holiness in God's people is to say that they have been "set apart" or "separated" from others in order to live differently. By following God's commandments and walking in His godly ways, their lives are to demonstrate a separation from the earthly, the carnal, and the sinful. Therefore, it can be said that they live "holy" lives.

Holiness is not something abstract or mystical. It is very real and able to be demonstrated. It is developed as we grow in obedience to God's Word with an undivided heart. The greater the reality of God's presence in our lives, the holier we become in character and behavior. His presence increases in us as a direct result of our obedience in small and great things on a daily basis. Holiness is not only for the saints of is what Almighty God is looking for in His!

Looking unto Jesus,

Sandy __

"JESUS CHRIST is the SAME...Yesterday, Today, and Forever!" Hebrews 13:8

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