"I Have Victory, How About U?"
by Jessica Harrison

One of the first things I HAVE to say is,"GOD IS GOOD!!".  Not that we didn't know that, but I feel like shouting it! I can't begin to speak enough praises for ALL that He has done and is still doing in my life!  Now don't get all confused thinking I have been 'tip toeing through the tulips' easy as pie, on the contrary, I can say it's been quite opposite, but I can lift my hands and praise God for Him always being faithful to hear my prayers, for loving me and showing me mercy!  He is still guiding me and teaching me lessons about my life and how to overcome the lies and bondage that the devil tries to put on me and tie me down with.  I can't keep looking back at how I have come up short, but praise God for him bringing me up from those times with a new lesson learned.  I don't know anyone of us that is perfect and doesn't slip and blunder around at times, and if you're like me... you don't even mean to... it just happens... life happens and before you know it you are sidetracked trying to find your path back home.  Right there is a lot of our mistake, we let the cares of the world overtake our spiritual life, and those two can NOT mix.  We must put God first and He WILL take care of the rest.  So many things overtake my mind, situations and problems, but once God taught me that there is NOTHING I can do about these things but hand them over to him, it all seemed to fall into place, I gave my battles to Him.  I kept quiet about them, prayed and He was faithful to bring me through. Yes, I did have to stand upon His word, His promises and sometimes I stumbled around and even fell off but I would try again, repent and move forward.  I cried, I wept and sometimes questioned,"GOD ARE YOU HEARING THIS?" Of course He was.  He was testing my faith and PRAISE God He came through once again.  If your mind is bombarded with all these battles it's as easy (but hard) as laying them down to God, praying and believing and speaking your victory to overcome it.  It may not happen in a day or even two but believe me when God said Victory, you know that's it's going to be true!!!!

Psalm 149:4
"For the Lord delights in his people; he crowns the humble with victory."

I pray today that we come to God humble ready to lay our problems to Him, trust Him with our life and speak the Victory that is promised to us so we can be set Free!  God Bless and Keep You~

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