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This page is not about me, my fishing, nor is it about my eBay store. This page is about Jesus and what he has done for me.

I grew up in the 40's like millions of other people. Parents divorced, Mother working, and no one at home to bring me up. I grew up in the street world, made all my own decisions, and ended up in much trouble! I never knew what love was, never felt this thing they called love, and never knew what it was for.  I used to listen to people talk about God's love, and think to myself, "These people don't know up from down. They're talking about a God that allows wars, killings in the street and so forth." These same people say how good God is, but show no love, joy or peace in their lives, and with the same breath, curse God and use Jesus' name and tell of the many problems that they have daily. Does this make any sense to you??

I got married when I was about 21, had 4 children; 3 boys and a beautiful girl. When my daughter was about 10 or 11, she left school one day and took a short cut through the woods to go home. That day she was met by a 17 year old boy, from about 5 streets away. He grabbed and tried to rape her. He took her panty hose off and tied them tightly around her neck, that she could not breath. Then he took something and started beating her on the head. When he thought that she was dead, he then ran away.

By some miracle she got up, but couldn't untie the hose around her neck. It was so tight that the blood in her face was coming out the pores. She could not see because the blood from her head was in her eyes, but somehow she made it out of the woods. Thank God!!

A neighbor saw her and called the police. Up until that time, I had never had much respect for the police, but they were great!! A few of them worked on their own time, not getting paid for it, until they caught the boy.
My wife and I were devastated. Our world around us was coming apart. We had so much hate building up in us, that it was making us sick. I only had one thing on my mind after that happened. How I could find and kill that boy. I used to lie in bed at night and think about how I was going to do it. I could almost see the bullet leave the gun, enter that boys head and come out the other side. If anyone tried to stop me , I think I would have shot them also. I wanted this so bad, but I knew that I was losing my mind over all this hate.

After a week went by, my daughter was released from the hospital. The police would bring 3 or 4 boys over to the house for my daughter to look at through the window, to see if they had the right one. I had my pistol loaded and on the mantel of the fireplace, so if I heard her say, "That's the boy!" I would blow him away!!  But, God had other plans. Nothing was working out the way I wanted them to. A week later the police caught the right boy, locked him up, and no way could I get to him.

The case went to court, but the boy's lawyer was good friends with the judge that had the case, and between the two of them, made a mockery of the justice system, and let the boy go. (A year later, the boy did the same thing in CA.)
Now here we are, no faith in the court system, no faith in anything anymore. Nothing in the world made any sense! And if that wasn't enough, I had a neighbor that wanted to tell me that God loves me. Are You Kidding??? ( I think that this guy has a death wish that he wants carried out right away.) I didn't want to hear how much this #@*&$@* God loves me, or any junk about God OR Love. WOW! Some people!!!

I called his house to tell him he had better not come over talking that stuff!! His wife said that Doug wasn't home, he was at church, but she would tell him when he got home.
Well let me tell you, that God does not play fair. LOL. Doug did not go right home after church, he came straight to my house, And if that wasn't bad enough, God must have feared for Doug's life, because He came with him.
The doorbell rang and I answered it, and there stood Doug. His face was a little red, and it had a little glow to it, and this great big ole dumb smile that went from ear to ear. I asked him if he was drunk, and with that stupid smile on his face said, "no, but I want you to know how much God loves you." Now those weren't my most favorite words, and they really weren't what I wanted to hear at that time. But, they hit me like a ton of bricks. I had no smart answers and couldn't tell him to get lost. I think it was because he brought his bodyguard, God, with him, and now I am glad that he did.

Doug had a genuine love of God for people. He was a new Christian himself and didn't know too much of what the Bible said, But, he had the love of God and wanted to share it with any and everyone. I don't remember too much of what was said that night, other than the men of the Bible were not wimps and pansies like some would like you to believe. But, the strangest thing was, that the love that Doug brought into the house that night, stayed here even after Doug had left. Something was happening to me that night, all of a sudden I felt all the hate that was built up over the years, just leave. I had the greatest desire to try and talk to the boy that attacked my daughter, and tell him about this Jesus I just met.
I could no longer swear, and I was pretty good at that too! LOL. This warm feeling came over me and I had a love for everyone, something I'd never had. I felt so clean for the first time in my life, and had no more guilt for any of the things in my past. I felt New!!!

This was too much!! The next morning I called Doug and Kay, and said to them, "What ever this thing is that you two have, We what it also." Those were the most beautiful words that ever came out of this mouth, and I have never regretted saying them to this day. That was in 1974 and I am still growing in God's grace today.

By the way, my daughter is fine, and with 3 healthy boys.

Please remember this, no matter what you are going through, even if you think that your world is coming to an end, just ask God to send someone like Doug to you. And don't give up. If God did it for me, he will surely do it for you, also.
And if your Doug is not around to help you. Just lift your eyes to heaven and in your own words say, "God, I need your help through your Son Jesus, To straighten out my life. I have done all that I can do and I am getting nowhere. Come into my life and change me like you did for John and millions of others. Help me to feel free and clean from all the wrong that I have done. Show me that your love is real, let me feel this newness of life and do whatever it takes. Make the old ways pass away, and let everything from this point on, be new, to give you the glory, In Jesus Name."
Now if you have done this?? It's time to look for a good Spirit-Filled, Bible believing church, that not only preaches the Word of God, but also lives in those words.
Love you all, In Christ,
If this has helped you, just drop me a line and let me know.
God Bless.

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