"Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
by Betty Bale

Keep your eyes upon Jesus,
Never look back on the past.
Your hopes lie in the future,
Soon life on earth will be past.

Waking up one morning in heaven,
Beholding the face of the One who died in your place,
Saved by His redeeming blood,
Saved by His amazing Grace.

Walking upon the streets of gold,
Jesus leading the way.
Pointing out the place He prepared,
A mansion, yours to enjoy, throughout all eternity.

Angels will be singing, saints joining all around.
Shouting, "Hallelujah, Glory to the King".
We've been saved by His redeeming blood,
Saved by His amazing grace.

Harps sweetly sounding, bells ringing,
Pain, sorrow and death all gone.
Joy, peace and glory, "Hallelujah".
Love shining all around.

I will be there with you,
To join in that happy song.
Praising God for His Son Jesus,
As eternity rolls on.

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