"A Kingdom Victorious!"
by Pastor Jake Tribble

     Romans 6:22 (Amplified) "But now since you have been set free from sin and have become the slaves of God, you have your present reward in holiness and its end is eternal life."

    The enemy attempts to destroy our future by reminding us of our past. What we my have failed in during the past, should cause us to seek God's Forgiveness and desire greatly to be shaped for what lies ahead.  This was how Paul viewed his life, transformed from a persecutor of Believers into a Believer himself persecuted for his Faith in Christ Jesus. Many have fallen and found themselves wayward, lacking direction and purpose. It is God's WORD with POWER that can and will RESTORE us when we fall, filling the void that exists with renewed Hope and Passion for Righteousness in the troubling days ahead.

    As Paul traveled Proclaiming Freedom in Christ, his Zeal never faltered, for he looked ahead to the Promise that each Believer has been given. A LIFE that is measured by the Joy of Salvation and not marred by failures. What better example have we, than that of the 1st century Apostles and Disciples. For they realized through revelation of Holy Spirit, that this temporal life is nothing compared to Eternal Life.

    Today, countless millions are starving for something with which to fill the void in their lives. The Good News that we have received with cheerfulness, must be shared with Fervor and Passion. The days ahead are filled with opportunity to see the POWER of God working miracles in not only our lives but in the lives of others that are stagnant and headed for destruction. This is the hour for which we have been called, the day for which the Prophets foretold. The time for us to be Bold and Courageous is upon us, and as we are guided by Holy Spirit, we must be found Faithful in accomplishing the Father's Will throughout the earth..
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O'Lord, my heart aches for those wandering about without direction or purpose. Open my lips to speak the WORDs that will transform their hearts and minds to seek YOU while YOU may be found. Use me as an instrument of YOUR Glory to shine as a beacon of Hope, leading the wayward to YOUR Son. In HIM will their fears be destroyed, their future made certain, as they surrender to HIM by Faith. Guard my heart from every form of evil, and set before my eyes the vision that pleases YOU. Glory, Honor and Praise to YOUR Name, Holy and Righteous are YOUR Ways, may the WORDs of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in YOUR sight.. AMEN
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