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The Signs of the Times!

  "At midnight the cry rang out; "here's the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!" (Matthew 25:6)

According to Matthew 'they all" slumbered and slept! Sleeping wasn't the problem the question was  were they prepared? Were they sensitive and equipped to respond to the sound of His coming. In this new millennium voices from every corner of the globe are speaking in terms of 'the end of the age'. We need not be concerned but seek to know how to live in times such as these. Here in the parable of the virgins are specific details of a prepared life. First, a virgin is a person who keeps him/herself for one's mate  no playing the field for these people. They were ALL virgins.

They ALL slumbered and slept  they ALL had lamps (the Word) yet only 50% were actually equipped and prepared with an attitude to hear and obey immediately the 'midnight cry'. We listen much to the prophetic word going around the globe but what about the signs of the times within our hearts and ministries? What do we learn from the story of the 10 virgins. Christ will come but are we prepared for His coming and to hear the 'cry'.

Here is a word picture of the signs of the times  a glimpse of the revival attitude in a servant leaders heart  his ministry - or a nation  this heart shall see and participate in the era of great evangelism.

1. Organization -- the life of those fully prepared are lives that are orderly, that means organization, everything is in place and 'ready' when the call comes. In other words is your house/church/business in order? No 'unfinished business' no broken relationshipsno disobedience of known understanding-no wrong attitudes if there is chaos then the Holy Spirit is brooding over your life/ministry, invite Him to bring His order.

2. Prioritization --  the word of God is the command center for all plans and the development of strategies. Every detail of our lives/ministries flowing through a structure imprinted by the Holy Spirit, without which there is no lifewait for the anointing of His presence and power before activating and processing plans.

3. Realization --  by His Spirit regular reality checks are taken of where we have come from  where we are going who is joining the ranks and how we are going to reach the goal. Reach out for the hem of His garment and hold fast!

4. Participation -- preparation requires God's people to participate in the operation of 'setting things in order'. To trim the wicks of our lives/ministries we choose what goes and what stays. The things of yesterday may no longer be effective for today and could become a hindrance for tomorrow. Lean hard on the wisdom of God.

5. Consideration -- consider and evaluate where God is blessing your ministry, where is the fruit growing. Down-size your activities and focus. More always becomes less in order to bring increase to a healthy body or a growing vineyard.

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The above article was written by Rev. Diane Hale

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