"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." (Colossians 3:23)

Whatever you do . . . This means whatever you do as you do your best it becomes a gift back to God. The purpose of life is to glorify or honor God in all that we do.  In the beginning - in the Garden God - gave them responsibility of four major oversights: work the ground, subdue the earth, replenish and take dominion.   Man is made to work and in the work find the fulfillment of pleasing God.  Man finds fulfillment when he develops the gifting he has been given and works in the area of expertise that God has endowed him with.   The secret of this fulfillment is three-fold.

First, find out and develop the gifts and talents God has given those endeavors that bring you alive,  increase your energy and bless all those around you.  What is it that set's your soul on fire  causes life to flow as if with ease, somehow allowing your soul to say "for this reason I was born?"   Oswald Chambers put it this way, "My life as a worker is the way I say "Thank you' to God for His unspeakable salvation".

Second, keep on growing, developing and utilizing your gifts and talents in new and creative ways.  Ease comes with practice, practice comes with challenges -- challenges that reform, reshape and redefine the gift.  With changing seasons and stages of life, like a cloud filled sky caught in the eye of time lapse photography, growth reveals a greater spectrum of His glory. 

Thirdly, strive for excellence.  It was Abraham Lincoln that said, "I do the very best I know how, the very best I can."   Stretch your gift to match the beauty of the mountains, the depth of the rainbow's color, the diversity of shapes and sounds, the excellence with which the Lord of creation has filled our world.

Today remember your life is the place of worship and your work is the gift on the altar. 
Further reading:    Psalm 104

Diane Hale was born in Middlesex, England.  She is a wife, mother of two, a Bible teacher, author, recording artist, and song writer,  In 1978, Diane responded to the call of God upon her life and became a missionary/evangelist.
Diane teaches"Unique By Design" seminars.  These seminars help you understand the person God has created you to be- why you do what you do, why you are like you are, and how that fits into God's plan for your life. 

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