God's Perfect Plan

The greatest contribution you can make to your marriage is a close walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  The greatest security you can give your children is to love your mate.  A happy family begins with a happy marriage.  Happy marriages don't just happen; both parties have to work at it.  Both depend on the other, living as a unit in mutal understanding and trust.

To have a happy home we must follow God's pattern for marriage.  Successful marriage in our culture is usually gauged by the amount of happiness it brings the individual partners.  If either partner is not happy, the marriage is considered a failure and too often at least one partner seeks an easy way out.  A successful marriage should not be gauged by happiness, it is commitment to the marriage that makes and keeps it successful.
Happiness in marriage
is not so much
finding the right person
as being the right person.
To be happy we must...
1)  Be in right relationship with God
2)  Be willing to adjust
3)  Be sentitive to the feelings and needs of others
4)  Be able to absorb the jolts of life
The Bible, which is the final authority, provides guidelines for marriage.  Discuss this with your mate.  Make a few simple guidelines which will help you and your mate when the going gets tough...
1)  God and His word will always be first.
2)  Never lie to each other
3)  Admit when we are wrong
4)  Allow each other the luxury of making a mistake.
5)  Don't go to bed angry.
6)  Forgive each other; don't keep a list of wrongs.
7)  Never use sex as a weapon.
8)  Don't argue over money.
9)  The final decision is the husband's.
10)  Don't pick on each other or argue in front of guests, in public or in front of the children.
Taken from
LIVING THE LIFE Home Bible Studies
"Christ in the Home"
Publishes by
Stonecroft, Inc.
P.O. Box 9609
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