"I'd Like To Be a Better Christian"

God grant me the health, wisdom, and grace
To work harder for you and finish this race,
And lead others to Christ and live better too,
To fall on my knees more often to you.

To carry my problems of troubles and strife
All through the day and live a better life
To tell of Christ's love and be able to smile
As onward I go no matter the price.

To be a better neighbor, a better friend too
And always be careful in what I say or do,
Read the Bible more, spend more time in prayer
Who knows when we may entertain angels unaware.

To let the Holy Spirit guide me each hour
And live closer to you, Lord, and have more power
To be a soul-winner, someway, somehow,
And always be ready even though you come now.

Poem taken from - "God, The Rock, My Foundation"  a collection of Christian Poems
Written by Nell Lofton

About the Author-
"Many years ago, I (Nell) had a miraculous miracle in my life and until this time I had never written a religious poem, but since then, I have written seventy-two.  I write only by inspiration and my poems come to me like a revelation from heaven and are like prayers of praise.  These have been such a blessing to me and my family and friends.  I sincerely hope that anyone who reads my book of poems will receive a special blessing."

If you are interested to know more about Nell's poems, you may contact her at 601-734-2574

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