"Pay Attention"
by Marlene

"I know your [record of] works and what you are doing; you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth!" (Revelation 3:15-16)

I have been seeking the Lord regarding this thing that so disgusts Him.... Lukewarmness. What would cause God to want to "spew you out" of His mouth? What would cause such a great distaste in His mouth? As I sought the Lord about how to present what He gave me, I was aware, ironically, that those who ARE lukewarm will refuse to recognize themselves in this....it is one of the characteristics of lukewarmness!
So I am asking you to read the following with an eye on YOURSELF!! Don't think of "Uncle Charlie" when you read because, the truth be told, it is the truth you find out about yourself that will set you free....not the truth about somebody else!! (John 8:32)

I first sought the Lord about this lukewarmness because, seeing as how displeasing to God it was,
I certainly did not want to BE lukewarm!!
I saw where He said, I "would that you were either cold or hot" (vs.15) ...and I saw the cold as someone completely uninterested in Him and His ways and "white hot" as someone on fire in Him....these were the "hot or cold ones".

In fact, an atheist is easier for Jesus to deal with! I mean, even those "white hot" AGAINST Him are easier for Him to deal with than a lukewarm person!! (see Saul of Tarsus' conversion to Paul the Apostle: Acts 22:1-21 )
But what about the lukewarm ones?

Again, ironically, as others have touched on this topic, the lukewarm person doesn't view those teachings with regard to himself...that actually is a characteristic of one who is lukewarm...but it goes deeper than that!
Jesus, in Matthew 26:21 says, "......Solemnly I say to you, one of you will betray Me!" .....a lukewarm person looks around and says "Uh Huh, it MUST be Uncle Charlie!! He doesn't do this right and he's always doing wrong"....he, this & he that....he doesn't this and that....see?? but what were the DISCIPLES' response??? "They were exceedingly pained and distressed and deeply hurt and sorrowful and began to say to Him one after another, Surely it cannot be I, Lord, can it?" (vs.22) .....How shocking when you think of it!! These followers of Jesus'...well, use your imagination and transport 11 of US back in time....11 of ANYBODY in ANY Church in any country and we would be looking around pointing fingers and telling how we believe which disciple it was and why we think that!! I for one would have KNOWN it was NOT me!! I mean, I have given my life up for Him!! I should KNOW if I was going to betray Him don't you think? After all: I AM one of His chosen disciples!! And you would think they absolutely would not question their OWN loyalty! Yet, that is EXACTLY what they did!! They always listened to Jesus' words (not perfectly of course but they always listened to Jesus' words) as a mirror, examining their own selves through His eyes and asking forgiveness when they saw the "beam" (Matthew 7:3-5) .....

How can we do any less??
Listen, Jesus is NOT talking about UNbelievers here either!! This was said TO THE CHURCH (Revelation 3:14). These lukewarm ones were totally contented to sit in church & listen to a "happy sermon", maybe pay their tithes (begrudgingly no doubt) and be perfectly satisfied to believe they were going to heaven and "those" going to hell. Well, they "deserved it didn't they?" (even though we didn't even give them a chance, nor allow God to use us to help them choose?)

But ultimately, lukewarmness comes down to THIS:
How's your "love walk"?
Have you taken the time to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? Have you gone beyond receiving His grace and mercy, beyond accepting His death in place of your own, by learning of Him in the Word of God and receiving the love that was behind His great sacrifice for you? Have you sought to receive His love to overflowing so that you can have that love to give out to others as it overflowed in you? Have you gotten so caught up in "ministry" that you left the Lord behind, making your "ministry" your top priority instead of Him? Do you have His commands backwards? (FIRST, 2nd)
These are all questions of self-reflection before your Holy God! If you see there yourself and want to change it, then just repent (1 John 1:9 ) ...Thank Him for showing you your lukewarmness and ask Him to fire you up with His love.

(Matthew 3:11,Acts 2:3;28:2,Mark 12:33)
He will! He wills!

God bless you.
Giant sissy hugs,
Your sissy,

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