Below is a prophetic word for the church that God gave to Betty Bale during Bible Study (Brookhaven, MS) on May 20, 2003

"Play time is over.  There is no time,  Either be for Me or not.  If you are not for Me put away your Bible from you and go your way.  If you are for Me, now is the time to get up and be in earnest.  Play time is over, says the Lord.
It is time to get up and go forth with My wrok- to tell the lost and dying that I love them.  Time is running out.  Get up and stop playing around."

We are living in serious times.  God is trying to get us where we are suppose to be and doing what we are suppose to be doing.  God is calling us to stop playing around- to stop playing church, to stop playing with people's eternities.  God isn't playing.

As I heard this word from the Lord it reminded me of the account in 1 Kings 18, when God drew the line for the children of Israel to stop playing games and get serious about their relationship with Him.  "Then Elijah talked to them.  'How long are you going to waver between two opinions?', he asked the people.  'If the Lord is God, follow Him!  But if Baal is God, then follow him!'." (verse 21- The Living Bible)  It's time we make up our minds once and for all about who we are going to follow and serve.  It's time to become "wholehearted" in our relationship with God.  God has never condoned lukewarmness, He said He would spew those who are out of His mouth.  That doesn't sound like God is playing around, so we don't need to be either.

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