THE SUN VS. the fire fly

           As I was traveling home from church this Sunday, we were going down the road and we managed to hit a fire-fly...two actually.  God put in my mind--- you know some of us tend to become the fire-fly, small, fragile and a dim light for God.  We don't need to be like the fire-fly, and you shouldn't want to be like the fire-fly!  After we hit the fire-fly and it was dead, it's light slowly went out within 2-3 minutes.
           Then there's the Sun on the other hand.  Huge, nearly indestructible, bright shining; it has not gone out since God created it!  Sure it may disappear behind the clouds every now and then, but it always comes back!  The Sun will not die out until Jesus returns.  But suppose it did?  It's effects on us would be remembered forever!  On the other hand the fire-fly's light would be equivalent to two or three years of remembrance and then only come back up again in small talk.
           We need to be like the Sun- bright, shining, huge and remembered for the rest of time because of our affects on others.  Not like the fire-fly who only lived and shined his small dim light for a short time and forgotten even quicker.  -Bruce
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Bruce is a 14 year old member of the youth group at First Assembly of God in Brookhaven, MS