“The Things of This Life”  by Ron Garrett

Many people think that the daily pursuits of this life are what this life is all about and live life to only seek things like; Promotions, money, fame, etc. Though there's nothing wrong in having or pursuing these things they pale in comparison to what God has planned for you.

When we start to see this world from God's point of view we begin to realize (through the leading/teaching of the Holy Spirit) that this life is just a training and proving ground for the "real" life that God is preparing for those that love Him.

God uses ALL of the people in our lives (associates/friends/family/foes alike) to refine us to be more like Him minute by minute day by day. When we step on, use, abuse or treat people badly to acquire the things of this world we sow seeds of destruction in our lives that will one day sprout a tree of spoiled and rotten fruit.

It's so sad to see so many people that have no one in their lives when they have reached old age (or earlier in life when they need someone) because they chose to treat people in an unkind fashion all of their lives and now when they need someone to be kind to them no one helps them because everyone remembers their deeds/actions.

The Bible teaches us that one day this world will pass and the items that men (and women) have worked so hard to attain will mean nothing and all things will return to the dust from whence it came. The homes, the cars, the fame, the wealth will be gone and it will be just YOU, HIM and the Book of Life/Judgment.

The difference between pursuing the things of this life and pursuing the things of God is that one leads to nothing or death and one leads to life everlasting. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have things for ourselves, our families, our friends and there is nothing wrong with trying to attain more income, etc., as long as during the process we do not leave God and His wisdom out of the equation.

He loves us and wants the best for us and as our relationship grows in Him our very desires change and the things that we pursue become less important because we are able to discern the difference between the things that we desire and that God wants us to have or bless us with and the things that the enemy/our flesh lusts for.

He loves you! He's pursuing you at this very second! He knows our hurt, pain, joy, sadness, and even the things that we do in the secret places that no one knows about and He still loves us anyway! Be blessed dear brother/sister and may He mean more to you today than He did yesterday and even more tomorrow if you are so blessed to see it!

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