"A Word Spoken By the Holy Spirit Concerning the Return of the Lord"
by Rosie Forrest

As I looked at an Angel Trumpet blossom in my garden, the Holy Spirit spoke these words of encouragement to me.  "My child,
as you behold the beauty of the trumpet blossom I say to you, dear one, My trumpet blowing is near at hand.  My beloved, My word has told you that that time should not take you unaware.
When will your eyes be, my child, on Me and My word, or will the cares of life and the things overcome and that day catch you unaware?  Look up, my precious one, stay strong and of great courage.  I will never leave nor forsake.  I know every care and need you have.  Have I not provided for you always?  So though My presence seems far away don't be deceived.  I am not moved by fleshly feeling and works of the flesh.  I am moved by your faith and love for the elderly, fatherless, and the poor who are in need.  Look! the harvest time is here and it is plenteous.  Many are dying without Me.  My word has not yet got to them.  Move in, my children, and I the Lord of the harvest will reward you amply and gloriously, and we shall all rejoice together in My Kingdom at the last days.
I tell you look up and keep My words in your heart they are a great resource to you, and it touches and heals many.  So hide it within you and fear not.  The Lord strong and mighty is on your side with many angels.  I say,'Fear not.'"
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