God Loved Me Through Twizzlers

Several weeks ago my husband and I were grocery shopping. I passed the candy aisle and saw twizzlers. I hardly ever buy candy, but was just in the mood for some strawberry twizzlers. However, having five children in the house and a husband who is a sweets addict, I opted not to buy the treats for myself that day.

A few days went by, and my mother came by for a visit. After being here a few minutes she passed out all of the "goodies" she'd brought for her grandchildren. I, not being a grandchild, was not expecting anything from her bag. To my surprise, she pulled out something for me. You guessed it! It was a pack of strawberry twizzlers!!

To the normal person this probably seems so trivial and trite. To me though it was God in the flesh wrapping His arms around me telling me of His great love. You see, my taste and love for strawberry twizzlers didn't develop until my second pregnancy. No other human, but my husband, knew that I liked them. Only God knew. And He chose to speak it to my mother's heart to bless me for Him.

You see, God doesn't always choose to shake the earth beneath our feet to tell us something. He doesn't always work through "big, major things". Sometimes He just loves us through twizzlers. And when we acknowledge His love for us in the little things, it is then that He knows He can trust us with even more than our minds could ever fathom.

~Samantha Sivils~

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