Diane M. Hale

"Though the vision tarries wait for itbecause it will surely come, it will not tarry" (Habakkuk 2:2)

There it is again-one little word with a great big meaning! WAIT -why does it cause us so much trouble and why is the WEIGHT of it bearing upon us? Why does the inclusion of it along with the promised vision create an eclipse of the vision itself?

Well the second question is easy. It is a weight that bears on us because we know it's the word of God and He, as verse 3 says, "will speak, and it will not lie". He has spoken, we have believed and mistakenly thought that the WEIGHT, or the responsibility, is on our shoulders! Reading the following verses of this chapter we can see it's all about men bearing the task alone and making things happen.

God has much in His mind that once He speaks it out it shall be manifested. He reveals pieces of the vision along the way as we wait upon Him. Did you ever wonder how in the world Joshua and Caleb 'waited' in the wilderness for 40 years to enter-in to the promised land of God? Or Abraham little by little, day by day was told where he was going?

Which leads to the first question. Why does the word 'wait' cause us so much trouble. Perhaps it's because we don't understand what God means when He says wait.

To wait on God is to join Him in the planning, preparing, and processing-somehow, somewhere we have picked up the thought that waiting is a very inactive word. Actually nothing could be farther from the truth.

There is much to be done in the waiting game. Learning His Sovereignty or should I say not learning it cost many Israelites the fulfillment of the vision. Another erroneous thought that plagues man is misunderstanding how the 'little things' we are asked to do will someday be a crucial element of -the big vision. During the 40 years God was not just manifesting a vision. He was making men that would 'fit' the vision. What happened in the waiting game was vital to both the vision being manifested and the man being made ready for it.

Which leads us to perhaps the most important question-why does the vision come with a seed that causes man to only 'see through a mirror darkly' and like an eclipse the vision is immediately taken from view?

When God reveals a vision that vision is not separated from Himself-no man can see God and live-little by little we are drawn in our waiting to be transformed and equipped to stand in His presence. When the fullness of the vision is manifested God Himself receives all the Glory. You see the vision is His, our vision is God Himself.

The above article was the April 2, 2003 morning devotion that was written by Rev. Diane Hale and was taken from the Morning Light Daily Devotional

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