Will he ever come?
by Amy Davis

Waiting, waiting. Day in, day out, I keep anticipating the arrival of our second son, Samuel Austin. It seems as if the day will never come; all the while I see evidence of his arrival getting closer and closer by the size of my increasing tummy. Shouldn't I be more excited and more on edge as I see the day approaching? It’s really odd. When I wasn't that far along with this pregnancy, it was all I thought about. I had my house clean and my bags packed. It seemed that there was nothing left undone as I prepared for the arrival of my sweet bundle of joy. Yet, as the days pass by, and the signs are all the while telling me that the day is fastly approaching, I find myself becoming more unprepared and almost despondent over the whole ordeal. Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't I be the other way around? It just seems like the further I go...even though all the signs say otherwise...the more discouraged I get as it seems that the day will just never come. Little by little, I start using things out of my suitcase. While I remind myself to return it, somehow it doesn't seem to make it back. Oh, well, I can always pack it later. I look at my list. Oh, well, I can wait a little longer before doing that. Even though I can hardly steer through the house with my huge stomach, I settle into a state of...apathy. Hmmm, haven't we heard that word before? Oh, yes! It’s in the Bible, but does it really have anything to do with giving birth to a baby? Well, it does in my life. And I think you'll find that it applies in yours too.  Webster defines “Apathy” as a lack of emotion or lack of interest. I couldn't have put it better myself. In layman’s terms… almost a “tired of expecting” mindset. This is what I am going through at this very moment, and many of you are experiencing the same thing. Even you men! Not that you’re bulging with a baby, but in an altogether different way. Let me explain. How long has it been since you’ve been all fired up under the anointing of God? How long since you dug through the Word and ate up the verses with hunger and fervor. I won’t lie, I’ve been there many times, but I also won’t lie by saying that I remained there. So quickly I started easing back into my lifestyle of apathy. All the while I see all the signs of the coming of the Lord. Everyday...every circumstance...I see everything to show me that the coming of the Lord is at hand. Why, when all these signs are so evident, do I become...yes, apathetic? I should be getting hotter and hotter as I see His coming approaching so soon. When I was on fire and in the Word, I disciplined myself to be the Bride of Christ that He is coming for. I adorned myself with the character that pleases Him. In other words, I packed my suitcase. I prepared. I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I expected Him. Then, as the days slowly crept by, I began unpacking my bags little by little. Sound familiar? I began to put off preparation for the arrival. I began to ignore the signs that He is giving to this generation and His plea for preparedness. I begin to fall in a peaceful sleep of apathy. A lack of Interest. In my heart, do I know that I am about to have this baby? Sure! I just suppress that knowing as I allow myself to become uninterested. Do I know that we are on the brink of the coming of the Lord? Sure! We just let it settle to the bottom like an unstirred pot of Beef Stew. We don’t stir up our zeal and desire and we allow ourselves to become uninterested. I am preaching to myself and I hope you know this. The Lord is showing me some truths and I am determined to accept them and change. I don’t want to be this way. Jesus has made known in His Word what He is returning for, and that is a Bride that has prepared herself. Dear Jesus, let it be me. I pray that, as you read this from my own heart… My own personal rebuke from our Father… that you will see yourselves as you really are. Stir the pot. See the signs. Obey God. The day is fastly approaching.

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